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6 benefits to growing your own cannabis

Greetings cannabis warriors! Well, we got through the entire month of full adult-use legalization and crime has not increased, no one needs an exorcism from the devil’s lettuce, and some of us are learning that a 4 plant maximum personal grow is actually therapeutic and so simple! Be sure to catch our first Power of the Flower episode now available online, where Jennifer Williams, Founder of Manifest Cultivation, shares her inspiring story and useful tips for anyone interested in starting their personal grow.

They call it “weed” for a reason! Cannabis is not as difficult to grow as many might think. It will cost an initial investment of a few hundred dollars, but the yield your cannabis plants will bring you when they are ready to harvest, there will be no doubt on your ROI. So why should you grow your legal 4 cannabis plants and execute this new legal right you have in Virginia? Power of the Flower wishes you could grow as many plants as you want because not only is it a positive hobby for your health, it is a plant that is tremendously beneficial for your ecosystem and environment!

Here are six benefits to growing you own cannabis plants:

  • Cannabinoids: These special, healing compounds produced in your plants will provide analgesic, anti-inflammatory benefits.

  • Quality & control: You know where it came from & that it is safe, quality cannabis!

  • Save lots of money: Regular users and medical patients major cost savings. No more spending top dollar for quality grade cannabis if you grow your own – potential of thousands in savings!

  • Easy and discreet: Home is discreet and because cannabis plants are resilient and hardy, they are capable of withstanding abrupt changes in conditions.

  • Reconnects with nature: There is a lot of affection involved in watching your plants grow and prosper. You have an opportunity to closely observe an interesting process of maturation and witness each stage of plant growth to learn how it develops.

  • Freedom to experiment: Self-cultivation allows you to follow each of the herb's development processes. You have the freedom to try hands-on techniques such as topping, super cropping, or hydroponics.

Cultivating your own cannabis grow is therapeutic and fulfilling in a way that needs to be experienced to be believed. The legal right we now have in our great Commonwealth to cultivate up to four cannabis plants at home is a privilege that really should be taken advantage of.

Listen to Power of the Flower podcast's second episode to hear some free legal advice specific to your personal grow from Virginia Cannabis Attorney, Daniel Bounds, Esquire.

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